Fluxus Ventures Supports Innovation in the Electric Vehicle Space 

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Fluxus Ventures is proud to have sponsored the University of British Columbia (UBC) Formula Electric Car Team. The UBC team recently competed in the Formula North 2018 competition. UBC's car passed all technical inspections and finished an impressive 7th place out of 18 competing teams. The Formula North competition is a student-style competition which aims to provide students with engineering experience and to foster innovation. Teams of students are required to build a prototype vehicle that is low cost, reliable, and easy to maintain. Their vehicles are then tested and challenged on a track, and the teams are ranked according to their vehicle performance, design, and economics. 

Fluxus Ventures believes that electric vehicles (EVs) will be an important part of the smart city future. A city that replaces combustion vehicles with EVs is quieter, has fewer emissions, is more efficient, and is a better place to live. That said, the price of EVs must continue to decrease for mass adoption to occur. Our hope is that the UBC team members can take the experience gained from the Formula North competition and apply it to solve real world problems in the EV space. 

Once again, Fluxus Ventures is proud of the team at UBC and looks forward to seeing more EVs on the roads of our cities in the future! 

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