Fluxus Ventures Backs Game Changing Data Analytics Company

(Jul 24, 2017) – Fluxus Ventures is excited to announce an investment into urbanData Analytics (uDA), a Madrid based data analytics company. This investment reiterates our belief that diverse data sources and advanced data science techniques can be used to infer insights about the Real Estate market.

uDA has developed a much needed big data management tool for the Real Estate industry. They structure data from over 300 data sets and build visualisation tools that make it easy for real estate professionals to understand and analyse large quantities of complex data. In addition, they use advanced statistical models to find valuable hidden anomalies and patterns within the data and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict changes in the Real Estate market.

“We are delighted about the Fluxus Ventures capital inflow. Certainly, their experience and support will be a key element in the uDA internationalization challenge” said Carlos Olmos & Alberto Santos, Directors and co-founders of uDA. Jon Bartelt, a partner at Fluxus, added, “We look forward to working with the talented team at uDA because we believe uDA’s software platform will be a valued asset for professional real estate investors. uDA's product allows investors to quickly answer complex questions using a simple web-based platform.”

For more information, please visit http://www.urbandataanalytics.com/.


About Fluxus Ventures

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