Connected Buildings Series: An Introduction to Appliance Detection Through a Real-World Study of the Smappee Solution

Buildings are teeming with appliances that support activities in buildings, and failure of some or all of them can hinder activities in buildings. They also consume electricity, a significant cost item in the running of residential and commercial buildings alike. Thus, it is important for appliances to work when needed and consume energy only when used.

Monitoring of an appliance’s energy consumption is one basic step in reaching the objectives. Analysing energy consumption patterns and a separate activity log helps building managers define possible initiatives and decide precisely which initiatives to implement (i.e. appliance operation schedule, automation mechanism, replacement of inefficient appliances). Constant monitoring also provides baseline activity and consumption figures with which to detect any deviation—a deviation may indicate a failure or provide insights into activities in a building. Lastly, appliance detection may provide trigger input for automation.

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