We Launch Fluxus Innovations LLP

Fluxus Innovations LP is a global investment partnership that backs material sciences innovators with demonstrable solutions for smarter buildings and urban infrastructure. 
It enables real estate and infrastructure operators, as well as corporate investors, to take leadership in technology innovation and sustainability. It also allows them to access promising technologies and upcoming innovations that can enhance their existing portfolios and support entirely new economic models. 
Our investment thesis is straightforward. Cities face unprecedented challenges in almost all areas – construction, energy and water infrastructure, transportation and security. They also need to address the environmental and societal concerns of their denizens. 
Buildings and urban transportation alone are responsible for 40% of the global energy use, 75% of GHG emissions, and the dilapidation of unsustainable quantities of natural resources. Institutional investors and corporations own $60 trillion of real estate and urban infrastructure assets globally. They have the power to concretely address and effectively solve these challenges.
Engineering solutions exist and are based on breakthrough scientific advances and ingenious technologies in the fields of energy systems, advanced materials, sensor networks and data analytics. They can dramatically reduce energy consumption and materials usage, enhance tenants and user experiences and increase asset performance.
Our investment methodology in these fields is rigorous and hands-on. We capitalize on our expertise in real estate and urban infrastructure to rank and quantify the challenges worth solving. We determine the most promising technologies with the support of a world-class scientific advisory team and connect with research teams and start-ups in these fields. We ultimately screen and select the ones with the most potential. We structure or participate in their funding rounds and, most importantly, support them operationally in whatever way helps. 
Over the years, we have developed partnerships with the engineering and material sciences faculties of more than 30 highly-regarded universities and national laboratories globally. They actively support our deal sourcing and due diligence efforts.
Our team of engineers, scientists and investment professionals have a unique track record of developing and incubating both hard assets and technology start-ups. Since 2001, we have raised $3.8 billion from institutional investors and launched 12 specialized platforms that acquired and managed more than 1,600 buildings worth in excess of $15.6 billion. We successfully completed 331 development and refurbishment projects and 27 large scale urban regeneration program in 6 countries.
We structured Fluxus Innovations LP to be the starting point or the continuation of a corporate innovation program. The partnership targets an amount of $50 million with minimum investment of $1 million and will be managed by London-based Fluxus Ventures LLC. All the research on investment themes, data on start-ups and portfolio companies will be openly available to investors. They will also have the opportunity to co-invest or otherwise support portfolio companies. 
For more information, please contact john.vanoost@fluxusventures.com